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Mind in Wellingborough

Mind in Wellingborough started as a small community group, offering support and advice to people in the local area who were struggling with their mental health. As the charity grew, it began to offer more structured services, such as counselling, group therapy, and training programs for mental health professionals.

Over the years, Mind in Wellingborough has continued to expand its range of services and support, and has become a vital part of the mental health landscape in the area. Today, the charity is part of Northamptonshire Mind, and continues to provide a wide range of services and support to people of all ages who are experiencing mental health difficulties, including one-to-one counselling, group therapy, and peer support groups.

Mind in Wellingborough Logo
Exterior of Mind in Wellingborough

Where we are:

14 Havelock St, Wellingborough


Tel: 01933 223591 

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