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1:1 Support

Our 1:1 Support programme offers six low-level structured sessions with a Mental Health Support Worker who can help you work through any issues you may be experiencing. You'll have the chance to discuss your challenges and concerns in a safe, supportive environment, and set achievable goals to focus on what matters most to you. Our Mental Health Support Workers will work with you to develop practical tools and techniques that you can use to manage your mental health, build resilience, and develop a positive mindset. Whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, stress, or any other mental health issue, we're here to support you in your next steps

“They always check to see if you're okay. It's really appreciated”

Service user feedback

In addition to the emotional support provided by our Mental Health Support Workers, we also offer practical assistance to help you navigate any challenges you may be facing. We can provide support with contacting and signposting you to other professionals, as well as guidance on budgeting if needed. Our team can also connect you with relevant agencies and external community groups and organisations to provide you with additional resources and support. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach to your mental health and wellbeing, ensuring that you have access to the tools and resources you need to overcome any obstacles and thrive.

You will need to complete a referral form to access our 1:1 Support service.

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