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Anna Freud

The Schools and Colleges Early Support Service is a collaborative initiative between Northamptonshire Mind, the Anna Freud Centre, and National Mind, with input from young people, parents/carers, and school staff.

This service is designed to offer evidence-based mental health support to school- and college-aged young people (11-18 years old) in Northamptonshire. We can deliver remote 1:1 guided self-help sessions via phone or video call, with young people able to access up to 8 sessions.

The aim of these sessions is to help young people learn to manage their mental health and develop positive coping strategies, using guided self-help models and interventions developed by the Anna Freud Centre. The Anna Freud Centre will oversee the rollout of the project and manage all referrals.

Currently, Northamptonshire Mind is one of two Local Minds involved in the initial delivery of the project, with further expansion planned for the next academic year. More Local Minds will be joining the project and providing practitioners to complete the 1:1 interventions.

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