Wellbeing Courses

Our courses are open to everyone in the community, offering you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of different mental health problems. The courses are designed to be suitable for people who have either experienced mental health problems, their family, friends or carers for people with lived experience of mental heath issues. Each course explores techniques, skills, and interventions to build your resilience as well as growing your knowledge.

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Anger Management

Anger isn’t a mental health problem, it’s a normal emotion that we all have, however, anger can contribute to mental health problems and make existing problems worse.

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to deal with it in a constructive and healthy way.

Our Anger Management course looks at what is anger, unhelpful beliefs around anger, self awareness, challenging thoughts and coping strategies.

Anxiety Management


Our Anxiety Management course gives you the opportunity to gain a good understanding of the different types of anxiety and how they can affect individuals. There will also be the opportunity to learn techniques, skills and interventions to help manage anxious episodes.

This course is suitable for anyone with a history of anxiety or who are currently experiencing a anxious episodes. We also welcome family or friends who wish to understand this condition and learn what will be helpful for their loved one.

Depression Management

Over a six week course, we’ll help you to explore your experience of depression, help you to better understand your mental health and what you can do to improve your experience of living with depression.

This course involves discussion, handouts, group involvement and informal sharing of personal experiences if you are comfortable with this.

Stress Management


This course is designed to look at how stress can affect everybody. It involves a variety of different strategies for relieving stress including:

  • Relaxation techniques

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Challenging thinking


The course involves discussion, handouts, group involvement, and informal sharing of personal experiences if you are comfortable with this.