Northamptonshire Mind teams up with footballers to raise awareness of mental health issues

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Mind has joined forces with county footballers with the goal of raising awareness of mental health issues.

The importance of social sporting activities including local football was brought home to communities across Northamptonshire when teams were prevented from getting together during lockdown.

Now, Northamptonshire Mind has teamed up with the Nene Valley Sunday League in a unique project to get the message across about the importance of keeping in touch, reaching out for a chat, and remembering that someone will always be there to listen or to provide support.

Check out our video with the Nene Sunday League below!

The league’s chairman Graham Pinney said:

“We were acutely aware of the need for mental health support across out footballing community and we were delighted to launch this project with Northamptonshire Mind.”
“It is vital players know where to go for support and as a league we wanted to ensure we are doing all we can to help them talk and signpost them to where they can receive support for their mental health”
“For many players, referees and volunteers, football is their only outlet to forget what is going on in their lives.
“Send text, pick up the phone – it could save a life.”

Nick Tite, Communications and Fundraising Lead for Northamptonshire Mind said:

“It has been a challenging 18 months for so many people. Awareness of mental health and its effects have become much more high profile as a result of the pandemic.”
“We are pleased to support the Nene Valley Sunday League in this campaign and have commissioned Wellingborough-based Print Data Solutions to create special captains’ armbands that will display our logo alongside that of the league at matches being played on World Mental Health Awareness Day on Sunday, 10 October 2021.”
“This campaign has been the result of a collaborative effort between ourselves, the league and Print Data Solutions which has kindly designed and supplied the armbands.”

Kate Shelton, Operations Director at Print Data Solutions said:

“We’re delighted to have been able to support Northamptonshire Mind and the Nene Valley Sunday League with this worthwhile initiative. We have worked hard within our own business, especially during the pandemic, to put in place support for our teams’ health and wellbeing and we know how important it can be just to know that there is someone there to talk to during difficult times.”

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