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What we do

Northamptonshire Mind is one of the largest mental health providers working in Northamptonshire.


We work in partnership with Local Minds, Northamptonshire Health Foundation Trust and other Mental Health providers to support the mental health community through service provision, campaigning and influencing.

We are local leaders in developing innovative services that support people with Mental Health problems and together with our partners in the Mental Health Northants Collaboration, we are leading the way in redesigning and providing Mental Health services.

We also provide education and learning opportunities for people completing professional qualifications in Social Care, Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Our Vision

To improve mental health and wellbeing in Northamptonshire

Our Purpose

To listen, support, take action and help build resilience for better mental health


Our Goals

Empowering Choice

Empower people who experience a mental health problem to make informed choices about how they live and recover
Support people likely to develop mental health problems, to stay well.

Staying Well

Enabling Social Participation

Open the doors to people with experience of mental health problems participating fully in society

Removing Inequality of Opportunity

Gain equality of treatment for people who experience both mental health and other forms of discrimination

Improving Services and Support

Ensure people get the right services and support at the right time to help their recovery and enable them to live with their mental health problem

Organisational Excellence

Make the most of our assets by building a culture of excellence.

Our Values

We are honest with strong principles
We place the person at the centre of our services
We are open to all
We are dedicated to tackling the stigma behind mental health
We care and understand the importance of good mental health and wellbeing

We campaign to improve policy and attitudes and, in partnership with other Local Mind Associations, develop quality services that can be accessed by people experiencing mental distress.

What is a local Mind?

Mind: What We Do

Local Minds are independent charities responsible for their own funding. We do this through donations, grants and income from the services we provide for local councils, the NHS and private organisations. 


Each local Mind is unique. We understand the needs of their community and tailor our services to match. You can find out more about the network of local Minds through here.